Personalized Precision Medicine

Vita Fontaine physicians are conventionally-trained doctors with advanced training beyond medicine, including Change Management, Leadership, and Communication.

We believe that Personalized Precision Medicine is the future of conventional medicine.

It is a science-based method that moves away from the “one size fits all” approach to identify and address the root causes of discomfort, dysfunction, and disease. We view your body and life as an integrated system, not a collection of independent organs or compartments divided up by medical specialties. By diagnosing and treating the whole system, we can address the cause and the symptoms.

Our Approach

Vita Fontaine physicians spend quality time with you as a client, listen to your history, map your personal timeline, and look at the interactions among genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors that influence long-term health and complex chronic disease.

Perhaps you have experienced being examined by your doctor, having blood tests, x-rays, or other diagnostic tests, and your doctor reports that “all your tests are normal.” Yet, both you and your doctor know that you are unwell.

Our physicians reduce this problem by applying a new model that focuses on treating your body as a whole system, that treats the causes and the symptoms, and that sees the body as a whole organism rather than a collection of organs. This emerging model of diagnosis and treatment better matches the need to improve the management and prevention of chronic diseases.

By changing the disease-centered focus of medical practice to this client-centered approach, our physicians can support the healing process by viewing health and illness as part of a cycle in which all components of the human biological system interact dynamically with your environment. This process helps to seek and identify genetic, lifestyle, and environmental factors that may shift your health from illness to well-being and vitality.

Resources & References

Reversing the Chronic Disease Trend: Six Steps to Better Wellness > View or Download the .PDF