Most Doctors Have Virtually No Education on Nutrition

You Are What You Eat

The medical profession is regularly confronting issues relating to addiction, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and obesity in their day-to-day practice. It is interesting to observe what doctors think of these issues.

With this in mind, Credit Suisse Research conducted a proprietary survey of 152 doctors in the USA, Europe and Asia. The results are startling.

While most doctors do not appear to have much specialized knowledge or training about nutrition (and more specifically sugar or HFCS), 82% of the doctors in the USA and Europe think that sugar calories are handled differently by the body, compared to only 60% in Asia.

On the question “is sugar addictive,” 65% think this is the case. There is more: 98% of the doctors in the USA think that increased sugar consumption is linked to the development of obesity, compared to 85% in Europe and 94% in Asia. The same question regarding diabetes type II shows that 96% of the doctors surveyed in the USA believe there is a link with increased sugar consumption versus 92% in Europe and 86% in Asia.

It gets even better. When doctors were asked about the extent of training on nutrition they received in medical school, almost 60% worldwide had minimal to none!

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